Coming home from a vacation is always hard. We had an amazing time in Mexico over spring break, just about a week ago. We headed to British Columbia for a little road trip on the weekend and had another great trip. Reflecting now has me thinking – what exactly made these trips so great? Why did I love it so much?


One thing I really love, no matter where, is the sun and the heat. The sun in Mexico is incredible – I love the sun on my face and just feeling warm all the time. Even when it is raining, I can go outside and still feel warmth. While my location isn’t something that I can change immediately, it definitely inspires me to take advantage of sunny and warm days when they are here. It also forces me to revisit future goals, like where we would like to travel to or live in the future. I find that being at the beach, in the ocean, brings a lightness to my relationship with B and I become more easygoing, kind, and gentle with him. Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s vacation vibes, or maybe it’s just the atmosphere, but something in it makes me more calm, but want to be more active at the same time. We spent our days in Mexico playing beach volleyball, snorkeling, yoga, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort

The best thing about this vacation was the environment and atmosphere that the resort cultivated – wellness. Each day I participated in yoga in an ocean-front, open-air studio. I really felt like I could be mentally present in this setting – the warm breeze and sound of waves crashing. It was so peaceful and it really made it easy to practice mindfulness. I’ve never been good at meditating – my mind wanders a mile a minute. But this setting allowed me to actually mediate for more than my usual 10 seconds.The paddle-boarding and snorkeling allowed for that, too. Being on or in the water and focused on the waves, sounds, and sites really brought so much excitement and peace. SUP made me feel strong and confident, while snorkeling brought me fear and adrenaline along with awe for the creatures that we were seeing.

Akumal Bay SUP

While I obviously can’t snorkel or SUP or ocean-front yoga every day here in Calgary, I can bring back with me the practices that made me feel at peace and mindful. Just because I’m not at a beach doesn’t mean I can’t mediate on the ocean or continue to cultivate a calm and mindful demeanor. I know that being in nature is a natural mood-booster, and being on vacation is just a reminder to me to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and vitamin D.

Akumal Bay Yoga

We all love vacations, and many of us love traveling and exploring the world. Why is it that so many of us reserve relaxing for only on vacations? I challenge you to reflect on your past vacations, even if they were a long time ago – How did you feel on vacation? Why do you enjoy traveling? Then ask yourself this: how can you bring those “vacation vibes” into your real, every-day life?

Thanks for reading!