First, let me start off by letting you know that I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by Expedia (I wish!), but I use them for almost everything. Why? Because of all of the perks you get! Here are some of the perks and secrets I use when booking any vacation.

Perk #1 – Expedia+

Expedia came out with their own “perks” program, called Expedia+,  in 2014. Every booking made through their website gets you points that you can use towards discounts on future travel. Every 3500 points achieved gets you $25 off a booking, or $50 off an Expedia VIP booking, although benefits change depending on your “status” of blue (lowest), silver (mid), or gold (highest). For more info on the benefits, visit their website here. Regardless, just for booking with them you’re earning points on future travel at no extra cost!

Perk #2 – airmiles!

Ok, so this actually isn’t on the Expedia website as you don’t earn airmiles for booking right on Expedia. But if you use the website you can earn airmiles in addition to the Expedia+ points! You earn 1 airmile for every $35 spent in travel. While it doesn’t seem like much, The average short-haul flight would earn you roughly 10 airmiles, a $2000 vacation package could earn you 60 airmiles, or a few nights hotel could earn you 25 airmiles. That can add up over a year if you take a few trips!

Perk #3 – Member Discounts

The member discounts can actually be huge, especially on hotels. Don’t expect a deal on flights, but you’ll certainly see savings on hotels and car rentals. When you’re browsing your results, make sure you click “deals” to see what is available. I’m not sure I’ve ever paid full price for a hotel on Expedia.

Perk #4 – Unlocking Deals

If you book ANY flight on Expedia, you’ll automatically get discounts on hotels for approximately 20 days. The hotels don’t even need to be in the city you are flying from or to! I’ve seen some hotels discounted for 60-70% off because I’ve booked a flight! So, before you book a hotel room, book your flight and then check out the “deals” section again to view the discounted rates. Your first pick of hotel might not be discounted, but other great ones will be for sure. You could use this discount on hotels in other cities if you’re planning to travel to other destinations another time! I booked one for our summer Europe trip and then used the discount at all of the cities that we weren’t using AirBnB for. Downside: some European discount airlines, like RyanAir and Vueling, are not on Expedia so you won’t be able to book those flights.

Perk #5 – Package Pricing

I’ve actually found flights on Expedia for cheaper than the airline’s website, which I still do not understand! In addition to this, if you select hotel + flight packages, you’ll often get a night free or a deal at specific hotels. It would be similar to perk #4 above, but you don’t get the option to book hotel deals elsewhere.

While Expedia doesn’t have ALL of the hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc. that are available in any given destination, they do give you a wide variety of choice. Now that you know some of the secrets, go plan your next vacation!