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Why use my services?

Think of your time as money and then ask yourself a few questions. What are you willing to pay to save hours of your time? What would you pay to have an efficient, well-planned vacation that allows you to do many things and you just have to show up for? What would you pay to save hours of time when hosting a party or event?

Researching and planning a trip takes hours. Finding the best deals takes even more time. I have the skill-set that allows me to find great deals and create itineraries that allow you to make the most out of every moment of your trip. I am different from a travel agent – I do not earn commissions so I am not required to book with any one airline, hotel chain or tour group. My goal is to simplify your life and plan the trip of a lifetime for you. I’ll work with you and choose accommodations, transportation, and activities that fit your travel style and interests. All you have to do is show up!

Travel Package Options:

Advice Package – Covers advice on hotels, restaurants, activities, consultation and suggestions of overall flow and itinerary, airport, transfers, transportation, unlimited travel advice.

Itinerary Package – Includes everything from the advice package, as well as a detailed, written itinerary (with alternate ideas), maps, and rework up until departure. Also includes suggestions for best deals and booking sites.

All-In Package – Includes all from advice and itinerary packages, plus booking everything for you (hotels, activities, transportation and restaurants). There are two options: I use your credit card to book everything for you, or I send you an invoice (deposit required).