Carry-on travel is not the easiest method and requires some planning, especially when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. Everything has to be under 100mL and all has to fit into that tiny plastic bag they give you at the airport. Here are a few of my favorite products to help with your skincare regime on the road – tried and tested for your benefit! Bonus: all-natural, toxin-free products!

My Favorite Travel Skin Care Products

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Repeat (later)

  Travel Skincare Routine

It is hard to find great skin care products in a travel size. The first time I got these products was in a goody bag for a 10km run I had done. Not only are they the perfect size for traveling, but they work wonders for your skin. First, cleanse with the “Transformative Cleanser“. All you need is a cotton pad: apply 1-2 pumps to the pad and wipe over face. It will remove make-up and cleanse your skin. Follow this up with the “Hydrating Toner” then wipe away excess oil. Finish off your routine with a dab of the “Day Cream“. This simple, yet effective, skin care routine will keep your skin healthy and happy all through your travels! BONUS: It’s easy to do even in the airport! I follow this routine in the airport bathroom before getting onto a red-eye flight. Use the hydrating toner a few times throughout the flight to fight off that gross recycled air!

Pucker Up

The Best Lip Balm Ever

I am so guilty for licking my lips all the time. They can get SO chapped. But this is the only lip balm I have used for the past 3 years. Nothing compares! This lip butter is super hydrating and forms a protective barrier on my lips. Plus they smell heavenly. I have no fewer than 5 somewhere around my house at all times. I keep one in my jacket pocket and on in my desk at work.

Clean Yourself 

We all know that sitting on a plane for hours does not make you smell fantastic. I used to take liquid body wash with me on my trips, but found I was wasteful if I didn’t have a loofah with me, plus it takes up valuable space in that liquid bag. In comes bar soap. But most importantly, an exfoliating bar soap to help rid your bod of dead skin and clean you at the same time. My husband and I took one bar for our 2.5 week trip to Europe this summer and it lasted the entire time. Umm – is it gross that we shared?

Smooth Your Bod

The Best Body Butter

Again, plane air is disgusting. It dries out your skin like nobody’s business (and gives you germs!). I find liquid lotion and moisturizers to be a pain when I travel, so I’m so thankful to have discovered these stick body butters. They are AMAZING! Plus, you don’t need to put them into your liquid bag, saving space for more important things. These body butters rub on just like deodorant and keep your skin moisturized all day long. I don’t travel without it now. You can buy small sizes for a short trip, or the larger size for a longer trip.  Vanilla Coconut is my absolute favorite, but there are many others to choose from.

Twice-Weekly Facial Care

Face Scrub and Mask

Ok, so this is not totally necessary for traveling unless you’ll be gone for longer than a weekend. BUT I do always follow this routine the day I get back from a weekend-long trip to nourish my skin. First – use the face polish to exfoliate all the dead skin you’ve been accumulating in the past few days. Simply pour a nickel to quarter-size amount into your palm and add a *small* amount of water. Mix it together and cleanse your skin. I do this two-three times a week on a regular basis and my skin is SO smooth. Follow this up with a 10-15 minute face mask.

How to Make a Face Mask

I use the Calming Face Mask after travel because my skin is usually dehydrated and has had some sun exposure. If you’d like a more pore-cleansing mask, there is also the Deep Cleansing Mask. Funny story: these may not be the most travel-friendly item. On our way back from Europe through Philadelphia (I know, the worst), my face mask was confiscated. Perhaps it looked like drugs in disguise?!

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Thank you to Rocky Mountain Soap for providing products for the giveaway. While they did sponsor the giveaway, I had purchased all of these products for myself multiple times before getting in touch with RMS. I truly believe in their products and hope that you find them as amazing as I do!