Baby Shower Blues

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law (and my future nephew!). She isn’t due for a few more weeks, but we opted for a “pre-baby” shower. I wanted to make it a special event as I know she has been going through a lot lately. Plus I hear being pregnant is hard.


The welcome sign I created for the front door. Anchor purchased from Winners.

The theme for the party was “Ahoy, It’s a Boy!”. While I never actually used this quote anywhere because I think it’s a little cheesy, it helped me to keep a focus with all of my purchases.


Baby Shower Food

Let’s start with the food because everybody loves to eat!

We had a few allergies, particularly gluten, to work with. I have a few gluten-intolerant or celiac friends so I have learned a few things hosting past parties. When hosting an event such as a baby shower, it is important that there is a variety of foods and enough for everyone. I tend to provide too much food as that is WAY less embarrassing than not having enough! It is also important to balance the sweets with the salty and savory foods. A variety of dips, finger-foods or hors d’ouevres and sweets balances the food table well. I also ask myself whether I want people to have to use forks or just grab food on a little plate.

Here was the menu I went with:

Gluten-Free: Tostitos Scoops (must be regular, NOT multigrain), popcorn with blue chocolate drizzled on top, rice crackers, avocado-tomato-feta dip, Boursin, gluten-free cupcakes, homemade “It’s a Boy” chocolates

NOT gluten-free: regular cupcakes, phyllo cups, dipped pretzels

Beverages: Blue baby shower punch with pineapple juice, Hawaiian Punch, and 7-Up blue a healthy dab of blue food coloring; Prosecco


Cupcakes purchased from Cake Bake Shoppe in Calgary, AB.

 To make the chocolates and the dipped pretzels, I purchased chocolate wafer melts from Bulk Barn. These make a colorful addition to any party items – cake pops, chocolates, dipped pretzels or cookies. Bulk Barn also carries different moulds for making chocolates – they have many theme options to choose from.

Baby Shower Decor

Now for the details. I believe that the details and personal touches make a party. There are so many wonderful small businesses on etsy that allow you to make personalized stationary and items. I wanted a few touches that my SIL could take home and use in the baby’s room. Here are a few of the details:


Homemade sign using FREE printable banners.


Personalized sign. Print purchased from “ThisArtOfMineAus” on etsy. Frame from Winners.



“Life Saver” cups for the alcohol drinkers and the non.


Sign using clip art purchased from “LittlePartyPrints” on etsy. Starfish purchased probably illegally from the Philippines for my wedding.

I also personalized and added details with games and a “message in a bottle” for mom and baby to read.


Games: Animal Pregnancy Length, Celebrity Baby Names, and Around the World Baby


Message in a bottle – every guest answers the questions for mommy and baby to read later. “Bottle” is hand-made.

Baby Shower Thank You Gifts

One other extra detail I added was a children’s table for our cousin’s two little girls that would be attending the shower. I had fabric markers at school, so I purchased two blank onesies from Superstore, along with some little toys from Dollarama. I put some snacks on a little side table I have, covered it with a table cloth, printed some baby coloring pages, borrowed some chairs from an elementary classroom at school, and put together a cute little kids’ table to keep them occupied.


The last thing to remember is “thank you” gifts for your guests. I like to keep things simple. I purchased some thank you cards on etsy along with the clip art and printed them on cardstock at Staples for my SIL to fill out after the shower. For each guest I picked up a blue Bath and BodyWorks hand sanitizer to take home. I also grabbed some larger blue items there for prizes for the games that we played.



The crooked-ness of these little guys drives me CRAZY in this photo!

Please e-mail me or message me if you have any inquiries about baby shower planning! See the services page for package ideas.

Happy Wednesday!